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Taylor Swift Switzerland is your most reliable source for all things Taylor Swift in Switzerland! Originally founded on Tumblr in 2014, this fan page is dedicated to documenting the career and legacy of American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. It mainly chronicles her discography, videography and concert tours. The site doesn’t focus on Taylor’s personal life, however basic information about it can be found in the wiki.

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The hauntingly beautiful song is out now!

All Too Well

The short film is nominated for five VMAs!

It's august

Salt air and the rust on your door.


The album's 3 year anniversary is coming up!

Taylor's Version Era

Beneath Taylor’s dreamy soundscapes is an artist who has been fighting for years to manage the means, method of production, and distribution of her work. Art makes us feel things, a craft at which Taylor is a master. Art also makes money, and Taylor is equally adept at that. Her goal now is: make sure it stays within her control. It’s a pipe dream for artists of any kind. But Taylor has power that most don’t, and her very personal fight to reshape the way wealth is distributed from creative work was a potential model for wrestling compensation back from industry forces.

Taylor's Studio Albums