Album Eras

Taylor Swift

Taylor started her career as an unlikely country contender. The country-music business didn’t yet see the point in courting younger listeners.


It was Taylor’s second studio album “Fearless” that transformed her from Taylor Swift “The Artist” into Taylor Swift “The Phenomenon.”

Speak Now

With “Speak Now”, Taylor had something to prove: people were skeptical if she, a teenage girl, was actually writing the impeccable lyrics in her songs.


In 2012, Taylor was 22 and America’s sweetheart. But as she prepared to release her fourth album “RED” she was becoming aware of her own mortality.


In March 2014, Taylor relocated to New York City. She embraced a new synth pop sound and transformed herself into the biggest star on the planet.


“reputation” was Taylor’s comeback era. She stopped interacting with the media and, apart from her stadium shows, almost never appeared in public.


At the end of the 2010s decade, Taylor was one of the most accomplished artists in history and started using her industry clout to fight for artists’ rights.

folklore & evermore

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Taylor shifted musical genres once again and released two surprise alternative albums; “folklore” and “evermore”.