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The Reason Why

Unreleased | 2016

“The Reason Why” is one of Taylor’s many unreleased songs, and was registered in 2016. The song was co-written by her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris and features vocals from Rihanna. The trio also created “This Is What You Came For,” which became an international hit.
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The owner of fan website for Taylor’s unreleased songs discovered this song on one of Taylor’s registered song lists. According to them, “The Reason Why” is another song that she wrote with Calvin Harris and that Rihanna sings on.

It is unknown whether Taylor or Calvin also sing on the track or when it was written exactly. The owner of the fan page found the song on December 8, 2016. However, since Taylor and Calvin’s relationship ended badly it seems unlikely that she would ever release “The Reason Why.”
General Information
ArtistsTaylor Swift
Calvin Harris
SongwritersTaylor Swift
Calvin Harris