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Laura Hunold
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If you have any questions or professional inquiries concerning Taylor Swift Switzerland, don’t hesitate to contact me. Since I receive a lot of messages (which I’m stoked about), it might take me a few days to respond to you. Furthermore, please note that this site is neither associated with Taylor Swift herself, nor her management.

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Laura (Founder, Owner)
Hi there! I’m Laura, a communications specialist and freelance web and graphic designer from Switzerland. In my free time, I’ve been running Taylor Swift Switzerland for almost ten years now. The platform has received millions of clicks and has become one of the most extensive websites about Taylor Swift worldwide.

I remember the day I first heard a Taylor song very vividly. It was late 2007 and I had just turned 11. My mom was driving me to ballet class and we were listening to the radio…when “Our Song” came on. The song immediately caught my attention, so I tried to remember its name until I got home. That evening, I looked up “Our Song” online, listened to it again, fell in love, and proceeded to google other songs by this girl named Taylor Swift. The rest is, as they say, history. I grew up listening to Taylor’s music and have followed her career ever since (and will continue to do so – forevermore).

Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows how much Taylor and her music mean to me. That’s no secret. However, living in Switzerland it took many years until I met others who are as big a fan of hers as I am. Meaning that for a long time there was really no one I could share my knowledge about the Swiftverse with. That’s why I started Taylor Swift Switzerland in 2014. It’s an accumulation of all the things I know about Taylor and her art.

Well: I hope you like this passion project of mine! And if you have a suggestion for a new info page, please feel free to send me a message 😊

PS: Yes, I’m attending both shows of “The Eras Tour” in Zurich (which is a dream-come-true, I’ve been waiting many, many years for Taylor to come here)! However, please note that I’m not in contact with Taylor or her management team and therefore can’t help you obtain concert tickets. As stated above, I’m just a fan. Danke villmal fürs Verständnis!

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