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You Don't Have To Call

Ringtone | 2006

“You Don’t Have To Call” is a short song written by Taylor. It was released as a ringtone for a Pepsi promotion in May 2006, shortly before the launch of her debut single, “Tim McGraw.”
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Background and Release

Since “You Don’t Have To Call” was specifically written to be released as a ringtone (they were very lucrative for labels in the mid 2000s), there isn’t an extended version of the song. The released audio is an acoustic studio recording and features vocals from Taylor. Producer Nathan Chapman sings backup.

“You Don’t Have To Call” was uploaded to Yahoo! Music in May 2006. Sponsored by Pepsi as a 45 second ringtone, it was free to download at the time.

Lyrical Theme

In the song, Taylor sings about someone who doesn’t have to call her anymore. She’s trying to move on so and won’t pick up the call.

It may be possible that “You Don’t Have To Call” was an early draft of “You’re Not Sorry,” which is a song that was released on Taylor’s second studio album, Fearless (2008). The songs have a similar tune and lyrical content.


You don’t have to call me
And say you’re sorry
I’m already gone

You don’t have to call me
And break my heart
Each time I try moving on

Oh, you don’t have to call anymore
Oh, yeah
You don’t have to call, baby

General Information
ArtistTaylor Swift
ReleasedMay 2006
SongwriterTaylor Swift
ProducerNathan Chapman
Official Audio