Taylor Swift: City of Lover Concert

May 18, 2020

Taylor performs songs from her award-winning album “Lover” (2019) to an intimate crowd of fans from 37 countries, traveling to the Paris, the City of Love, for this once-in-a-lifetime concert.

Although Taylor’ 2020 touring plans for “Lover Fest” had been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she presented her fans with a special performance with “City of Lover Concert”. Filmed in September 2019 at Paris’ L’Olympia Theater in front of an intimate audience of fans from around the world, the concert captured Taylor at a particularly jubilant moment, weeks after the release of her acclaimed seventh album, “Lover”.

The special also offered some insight into the creation of “Lover”, with Taylor breaking down the themes streaking throughout the album and stripping down their live presentation. “A lot of these songs on this album that just came out, I’ve never played live before!” Taylor remarked early on. Although the stadium shows wouldn’t be happening anytime soon, Taylor’s fans at least got to watch her play some of her favorite “Lover” songs on acoustic guitar, grand piano or as the full-band spectacle that they’re used to experiencing.

The “City of Lover Concert” premiered on ABC and was made available on demand, on Hulu and Disney+ for a limited time.

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General Information
Associated Album Lover
Released May 18, 2020
Runtime 42 minutes
Production Company Taylor Swift Productions
Electric Light Studios
Dan Massie
Taylor Swift
Trailer & Announcement
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