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Taylor Swift: Speak Now

Concert & Documentary Special | November 25, 2010

Taylor Swift: Speak Now follows Taylor around on some incredible festivities during the release week of her third studio album, Speak Now (2010). It features one-of-a-kind performances everywhere from Central Park to downtown Hollywood. The TV special aired over the 2010 Thanksgiving weekend on NBC.
The show also includes behind-the-scenes footage of Taylor recording Speak Now and her recent publicity tour. Of course, besides watching her in action, fans also hear her drop more hints about the heartfelt — and sometimes heartbreaking — inspirations behind some of her songs:

«You write about things nobody knows you went through. My main focus when I’m writing a song is the person I’m writing it about, what they’re going to think of it and them knowing what I feel about them. A lot of times, they don’t know exactly what I felt. Somehow I feel more comfortable saying it all to them in a song … that many more people are going to hear than if I just sent a text message! [laughs] But that’s just how I feel more comfortable expressing myself.»

Taylor Swift

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General Information
Associated Album Speak Now
Released November 25, 2010
Runtime 60 minutes
Production Company Todd Cassetty Welding Service
Ryan Polito
Taylor Swift
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