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When Taylor was launching her career, she regularly posted vlogs and home movies on her website. Some of them can still be found on her YouTube channel.
After 2011, when she truly became a worldwide superstar, Taylor stopped posting private videos, presumably because her life was of increasing interest for the media. She still posts small snippets of her life every now and then. Nowadays, mostly through Instagram stories or TikToks.

Vlogs since 2014

How To Be A Cat (2019)
Rehearsals (2017)
In the car with Gigi Hadid (2016)
Surprising Gena (2014)

Speak Now Era (2010-2012)

My new favorite thing... (2012)
Meow. (2011)
Asia! (my February video blog) (2011)
ACM voting (2012)
Thank you. (2011)

Fearless Era (2008-2010)

My fine athletic skills. (2010)
CMA Announcements! (2009)
Surprise! Teen Choice Awards (2009)
Everyone ignores me. (2009)
Those stars burn like diamonds (2009)
Thanksgiving break... (2009)
Live Chat (2008)
November 11th. (2008)
You change your mind... (2008)
Philadelphia 🙂 (2008)
London!!! (2008)
Adventures in Australia (2010)
New conference table. (2009)
Your world is my world. (2009)
I miss you quite terribly. (2009)
FEARLESS Tour 2009 (2009)
I hope you notice (2009)
1 with a bullet. (2008)
Retainers. (2008)
Rascal Flatt's tour... (2008)
Behind The Scenes @CMA Fest (2008)

Taylor Swift Era (2006-2008)

Taylor And "Friends" (2008)
Instructional Video (2008)
TRL Recap! (2008)
🙂 (2008)
pussy cat (2008)
tree branch (2007)
Taylor Swift Road Diaries Part 2 (2006)
MySpace Presents (2008)
My band has a bad private plane. (2008)
Wannabe (2008)
british talk (2008)
First fans with my CMT Award. (2007)
singing on taylor's bed (2007)
Taylor Swift Road Diaries Part 1 (2006)
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