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13 Hour Meet & Greet

June 13, 2010

Taylor’s “13 Hour Meet & Greet” is an infamous event which she hosted at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on June 13, 2010, during the CMA Music Festival. Starting at 8am, she met as many fans as she could and played a set of acoustic songs over the course of the day. And it was all free. It was a truly staggering event that showed Taylor’s devotion to her fans as well as her ability to draw people out.
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Meeting 2,000 Fans

Taylor met with 2,000 fans, took free pictures, gave autographs and a tour of her bus, as well as had areas set up in the arena for fans in line to check out behind the scenes memorabilia from her “Fearless Tour” (2009-2010).

During the Meet & Greets, Taylor rarely looked down at the items she was signing; she made a point to pay attention to the fans she was with and to make each person feel as if he or she was the only one that mattered at that moment. You could see that she genuinely cared about each and every one of her fans. She clearly hosted this event to say “Thank you” to them, not as a marketing ploy.

«I didn't take any breaks throughout the day. The only break that I took was to go grab my guitar so that I could play the performance. I didn't sit down. And somehow I was wearing painful heels. You know, the fans weren't sitting down, so why should I? But it was so much fun! The fans kept my energy high all day because every time I turned around a beautiful emotion was shown to me.»

A Free Acoustic Concert

After signing for a few hours, Taylor performed a short acoustic set free of charge. She played her biggest hits, “Our Song,” “Fearless,” “Love Story,” and “You Belong With Me” before going back to signing autographs for hours on end.

Taylor and her 13 Management team made the event a memorable experience for all fans by adding many personal touches to the day, such as displaying a few of her famous dresses, allowing fans to take photos with Taylor’s many awards, and also get an up close and personal look at her backstage “T-Party” room that was set up at all of her concerts during the tour. The castle that Taylor used on her “Fearless Tour” was also on display, along with her tour bus and semi trucks. Moreover, home videos and “Behind the Scenes” clips were playing on the jumbotron in the middle of the arena.

14,5 Hours

Overall, everyone was extremely impressed by the event. It was very well organized and it was touching to watch all the fans’ excitement over meeting their idol. It meant the world to them to be able to experience something like that for free! No fan club membership required! In the end, Taylor hosted the event for 14.5 hours (quite a bit longer than the planned 13-hours, her lucky number). She decided to continue until the line was finished and every single lucky fan went home happy.

A Look Back at the 13 Hour Meet & Greet

General Information
DateJune 13, 2010
VenueBridgestone Arena, Nashville
Duration14,5 hours
Meet & Greets2,000
14,5 Hours
Fearless Era

Fearless Era

Fearless Tour