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13 Management

Management Company

13 Management is Taylor’s wholly owned management company which was established in the very beginning of her career.
Not much is known about 13 Management or its members. Employees include Andrea Swift, Robert Allen, Jay Schaudies, Austin Fish, Jaidam Kirpich and radio veteran Frank Bell in the position of “Dir./Radio and Research” which means he manages radio outreach and develops marketing research initiatives for the company. “Frank brings solid relationships and strong tactical radio expertise and insight to 13 Management,” stated 13’s Robert Allen in December 2010. “As we ramp up for the Taylor Swift Speak Now World Tour in 2011, Frank will be an invaluable resource to manage our radio outreach and develop our marketing research initiatives.”

Some members of 13 Management can be seen in Taylor’s 2020 documentary, Miss Americana (2020).

Taylor Nation

13 Management also supervises Taylor Nation, Taylor’s official fan club and an extension of her PR/marketing team. They also used to run Taylor Connect, Taylor’s official fan forum which was active from 2009 to 2017.
General Information
HeadquartersHendersonville, TN (USA)
ClientTaylor Swift