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Olivia Benson Swift

Princess of Meow Town

Olivia is a Scottish fold cat picked up by Taylor on June 18, 2014. She is named after the character Olivia Benson (played by Mariska Hargitay) from one of Taylor’s favorite TV shows, Law and Ordner: S.V.U. Olivia is included in a lot of Taylor’s social media posts and was named the world’s “Richest Celebrity Pet.”
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Taylor picked up Olivia together with an Australian model, Steph Claire Smith, whom she met at the gym. After having brunch and working out together, they went to the adoption place where Taylor got her new kitten. She introduced Olivia on Instagram, writing: “Meet Olivia Benson.” In October 2014, she shared a little more about her new family member, saying:

«Her name is Detective Olivia Benson. But her name in the house is Dibbles because it suits her personality more than Olivia. She's like a scrappy little cat.»

Olivia Benson Swift (2014)
Olivia Benson Swift (2014)

The Richest Celebrity Pet

Olivia is a social media star — and she knows it. She has appeared in many of Taylor’s social media posts, has starred in ads and even had her own merchandise collection. Additionally, she is featured in Taylor’s music videos for “Blank Space” and “ME!,” as well as her 2020 documentary Miss Americana. On Taylor’s now unavailable mobile app The Swift Life, there was a collection of Olivia Taymojis.

In October 2018, Olivia was named the “Richest Celebrity Pet” in the world and the third richest pet over-all, with a total net worth of $97 million. Her earnings range from commercials for Diet Coke, Keds and AT&T to the millions of fans who buy her merchandise in Taylor’s store.

Taylor and Olivia

General Information
Adoption DateJune 18, 2014
Adoption PlaceNew York (USA)
OwnerTaylor Swift
SiblingsMeredith Grey (2011)
Benjamin Button (2019)
Net Worth$97 million
Taylor & Olivia