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Taylor by Taylor Swift: Made of Starlight

Fragrance | 2014

Taylor by Taylor Swift: Made of Starlight was a new edition of Taylor’s fragrance Taylor by Taylor Swift. It was released in February 2014.
Taylor by Taylor Swift: Made of Starlight borrowed its name from Taylor’s song “Starlight” (2012), which includes the lyric “Like we’re made of starlight”. It is the second spin-off perfume Taylor has released. The perfume originally came in a musical box that played the song “Starlight”. The only other form Made of Starlight came in other than the perfume was a roller ball.
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The Made of Starlight fragrance arrived in a music box, while its flacon had the same shape as previous edition of Taylor by Taylor Swift from 2013, except the top of the bottle was white with pink swirls. Instead of the pearls Taylor by Taylor Swift had, Made of Starlight had a line of the same design as the top of the bottle wrapping around the cap. After taking the bottle out of the pink box, it was a beautiful box that could serve as jewelry box, as well.


Taylor by Taylor Swift: Made of Starlight offered an impressive blend of fresh fruit and delicate floral notes accompanied by soft wood. Top notes of the composition provided a cheerful blend of apricot and exotic passion fruit, refreshed with fresh green mandarin leaves. The heart of the composition introduced a floral union of osmanthus, sweet honeysuckle and orange blossom resting on a base of musk, peach and precious wood.
General Information
ReleasedFebruary 1, 2014
LabelElizabeth Arden
TaglineA new fragrance in a collectible music box.
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Made of Starlight