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Taylor by Taylor Swift

Fragrance | 2013

Taylor by Taylor Swift is Taylor’s third perfume. It is self named, making it the only perfume of hers to not be named after a song or lyric. It was released in June 2013.
Taylor unveiled her first fragrance, Wonderstruck, in 2011. Wonderstruck Enchanted followed as its flanker, launched on the market in Fall 2012. Taylor by Taylor Swift was a completely new fragrance, and was released in June 2013. Unlike the first two, which were inspired by fairy tales, the Taylor fragrance was more personal to Taylor herself because it reflected her own style at the time.
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Taylor by Taylor Swift was inspired by Taylor’s magnetic personality, and was for the fun loving, easy-going woman who wants a fragrance that matches her energetic spirit and individualized fashion sense. The scent was beautifully crafted from luscious fruits, blushing florals and soft woods. It began with a burst of fresh fruits and flowers, blending luscious lychee and sparkling tangerine with a whisper of magnolia petals.


The youthful bottle design combined modern and retro style with pearl details, a crystal stopper and bold prints. The Taylor by Taylor Swift bottle was clear with green, blue, white and purple swirls at the top. The cap of the bottle was clear and round with some pearls wrapped around it. Gold lining was on the top sides of the bottle as well as on the sprayer.


Like the Wonderstruck perfume, Taylor by Taylor Swift‘s scent was made into a body lotion, solid perfume pencil and scented hair mist. For a limited time bright neon green Taylor by Taylor Swift tote bags were given for free to people who bought the perfume.


Taylor by Taylor Swift won the award for “Celebrity Fragrance of the Year” at the Fragrance Foundation Awards 2013.

Taylor by Taylor Swift: Sneak Peek

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ReleasedJune 2013
LabelElizabeth Arden
TaglineFrom me, to you
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