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Lover Diary

Lover (Deluxe Edition) | 2019

The “Lover Diary” is a collection of four different booklets in special editions of Taylor’s seventh studio album, Lover (2019). It contains reproductions of handwritten journals throughout her life, including her teenage-years pre fame.
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Background and Release

Taylor released Lover on August 23, 2019. As one of the few remaining pop stars to prioritize physical sales, she offered her devoted fan base four special-edition CD versions of the album, each accompanied by a booklet containing a reprinted selection of handwritten journal entries spanning her career, from ages 13 to 27.


These diary pages might somehow be the single most revealing cumulative artifact when it comes to establishing what kind of person, artist and operator Taylor had become by 2019 — and had always been. Taylor herself talked about the “Lover Diary” during her “Lover’s Lounge” livestream in August 2019:

«I went through my old diaries, which was a wild trip down memory lane, let me just tell you. And I found so many diary entries that I thought may be relevant to your interests. And I started writing in diaries when I was 13. [...] Metaphorically speaking I have been sharing my diaries with you for years, so I figured why not just do it for real? And just take the symbolism out of it.»

The result, for any close reader of Taylor’s work, is a meticulously curated glimpse into the her real-time feelings on an array of issues, people, ideas and squabbles that have defined her life as a musician and celebrity. “I frequently and drastically changed my opinions on love, friends, confidence and trust,” she notes in the introduction to the selections, and then proceeds to show just how.

Across the four unique assortments, Taylor tells a piecemeal story of her rise in the industry, where label meetings as a young teenager turn into radio play, record sales, the Grammy Awards and the Met Gala, mixing landmark moments with mundane personal updates, drafts of lyrics and other marginalia.
The complete “Lover Diary” can be downloaded via the links in this Reddit thread here. A big Thank You to Reddit user u/tiramisucasa for providing the scans!

Taylor Reads Her Old Diaries

General Information
Author Taylor Swift
Associated Era Lover Era
Associated Album Lover
Released August 23, 2019
Written 2003-2017
Pages 120 (30 per edition)
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