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Why She Disappeared

In Why She Disappeared, Taylor discusses the downfall of her reputation and the aftermath that made her stronger. It is featured in the reputation magazines.

The Trick to Holding On

Taylor wrote this poem exclusively for British Vogue. It reflects on themes of reinvention, resilience, and lessons learned, as she has moved on from the past.

If You're Anything Like Me

If You’re Anything Like Me is one of the poems featured in the reputation magazines. Taylor is honest about her flaws and her past while encouraging people going through similar things to stay strong.

Lindsey Claire

Lindsey Claire is a poem Taylor wrote for her 5th grade teacher who was pregnant. She thanks God for bringing her teacher’s soon to be born daughter, Lindsey Claire, into the world.

A Monster In My Closet!

Taylor was ten years old and in fourth grade when she wrote about what little kids are most afraid of: the monster in their closet. The poem placed first in a national poetry contest held by the Creative Communication.