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Lindsey Claire

Poem by Taylor Swift | 2001

Smiling in the sunlight,
Her eyes were open wide,
A kind and thankful mother,
Was sitting at her side.

Her head was full of wonder,
Her heart was full of love,
This baby must be what God called,
A gift from up above.

With skin as soft as satin,
And wonders of the world,
Unique and special she will be,
A lovely, gentle girl.

I thank God now for making her,
And with the world he’ll share,
A precious little angel,
With the name of Lindsey Claire!

General Information
AboutLindsey Claire is a poem Taylor wrote for her 5th grade teacher who was pregnant. She thanks God for bringing her teacher’s soon to be born daughter, Lindsey Claire, into the world. 
Post by Lindsey Claire