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Republic Records

Record Label (USA) | 2018-present

Republic Records is Taylor’s record label in the US. It is owned by Universal Music Group (UMG). It was founded by Avery Lipman and Monte Lipman as an independent label in 1995, and was acquired by UMG in 2000. Republic was initially an imprint of the Universal/Motown Records Group, and was renamed Universal Republic Records after a reorganization in 2006 before reverting to its original name in 2012. Republic Records was named Billboard‘s “Top Level of 2021”, in large parts thanks to Taylor and her historic achievements during the calendar year.
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Record Deal Announcement

Taylor unveiled details of her long-awaited new record deal in an Instagram post to her then 113 million followers in November, 2018, saying “I’m ecstatic to announce that my musical home will be Republic Records and Universal Music Group” and hailed Universal Music Group chairman/CEO Sir Lucian Grainge and Republic founder/CEO Monte Lipman as “incredible partners”.

Under the deal, Taylor retains ownership of her master recordings, a move she described as “incredibly exciting”. “It’s really important to me to see eye to eye with a label regarding the future of our industry,” she added. “I feel so motivated by new opportunities created by the streaming world and the ever changing landscape of our industry… I also feel strongly that streaming was founded on and continues to thrive based on the magic created by artists, writers and producers.” Monte Lipman said:

«Taylor has not only captured the imagination of an entire generation, but has also redefined the paradigm of the modern music industry. Her commitment to songwriting and performing has earned her the respect of her peers and millions of adoring fans around the world. I can only imagine what Taylor is capable of achieving in the years to come, both culturally and creatively. I’m beyond thrilled to create an alliance with Republic Records and the incomparable Taylor Swift.»

Taylor was believed to have had a myriad of options on the table with regards to a new deal, from huge major label offers to going it alone. All six of Taylor’s previous albums were released on Scott Borchetta’s Big Machine label, with distribution via Universal Music Group. This deal set Taylor up as the ultimate industry game-changer.

Billboard's Top Label of 2021

In an interview with Billboard in December 2021, Monte Lipman recalled with a smile, he overheard his seven year-old son telling a friend “Taylor Swift works for my daddy.” He offered a gentle but clear correction: “Kids, just so we’re clear: Daddy works for Taylor Swift.” At a New York fan screening of Taylor’s “All Too Well” short film in mid-November, Monte stood in the back of the movie theater, arms crossed, lightly swaying as Taylor capped off the screening with an acoustic performance of the new, 10-minute version of the song. When she set down her guitar, he clapped just as wildly as the rest of the fans.

«Monte has a very sharpened gut instinct about projects, and I feel very fortunate to have benefited from that gift of his. He was the one who championed my move from country to pop, and I’ll never forget him telling me that 'Shake It Off' was the one he thought should be the first single. Or calling him to tell him and my Republic team that I’d made a secret album in quarantine called folklore and that I wanted to put it out the following week. I had prepared a speech to persuade my label to let me do it. I should’ve known I wouldn’t need to use it, because Monte reacted as if I’d given him the best news of his life. He gets fired up about music in a way that’s very contagious. Hard work doesn’t scare him. Challenges don’t fatigue him. I’m very lucky to be on his team.»

Monte Lipman summed up his collaboration with Taylor the following way: “It’s very simple: If she wants to build the highest building in town, my job is to say, ‘How high?’ And that’s it.”
Record Deal Announcement
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