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Speak Now World Tour Arm Lyrics

Speak Now World Tour | 2011-2012

Before every show during the North American and Oceanian legs of the “Speak Now World Tour” (2011-2012), Taylor wrote a lyric from a different song on her left arm. This is an archive with all the lyrics from each concert.
Beginning with her May 21, 2011, open rehearsal show in Nashville, Taylor wrote lyrics on her arm at each tour date. What followed was a narrative of heartbreak and lovestruck hope:

«One day at rehearsals I was having a rough day, and I wrote a lyric by my friend Selena Gomez on my arm: 'You’ve got every right to a beautiful life'. It looked cool, so now I put lyrics on my arm every night. It’s like a mood ring.»

In an interview in 2011, she also said: “That’s something I do usually about five minutes before I go on stage every night. I’ll bust out the sharpie and just start writing. And then I’ll be like, ‘Oh man, I messed up!’ It’s different every single night and it’s always a lyric of an artist I’m a fan of.”

Deciphering the references became a fandom activity. Of course, only Taylor knows what truly inspired the lyrics that she wrote on her arm each night of the tour. In hindsight, it is a well-known fact that she was working through her painful breakup with Jake Gyllenhaal at the time, but at some dates she also simply chose a lyric from one of her favorite songs or artists.

Speak Now World Tour Arm Lyrics

"I slept in castles and fell in love because I was taught to dream."

"Like love from a drunken sky, she's confetti falling down at night."

"We all learn to make mistakes and run from them."

"Find the grace in all the things that you can't change, and help somebody if you can."

"After all that we've been through, I know we're cool."

"But it flew away from her reach, so she ran away in her sleep and dreamed of paradise."

“Can you still feel the butterflies? Can you still hear the last goodnight?"

"It's love's illusions that I recall I really don't know love at all."

“You know wherever I am, I’ll come running to see you again”

The RED Tour Arm Lyric

The last time Taylor wrote lyrics on her arm for a show was on the opening night of “The RED Tour” on March 13, 2013, in Omaha (Nebraska). The lyric she chose was from her own song “Holy Ground,” “A first glance feeling on New York time…” Her backup singer and fiddle player Caitlin Evanson had the continuation of the lyric written on her right arm: “…Back when you fit in my poem like a perfect rhyme.”
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