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The Swift Life

App | 2017-2019

The Swift Life was an app that was all about Taylor and her connection with her fanbase. It was created by Glu Mobile, the gaming company responsible for hits like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Once the app launched in late 2017, Taylor’s “old” fan forum, Taylor Connect, was closed down permanantly.
The app, which wasn’t quite as game-focused as other celebrity titles in Glu’s portfolio, went live in late 2017 and shut down in February of 2019, at the end of the reputation era. This was in contrast to Glu’s previous celebrity games, which turned celebrities like Katy Perry and Gordon Ramsay into floating avatars within a game. The Swift Life marked the first real diversion from that model.

As part of the beta launch, the company released a promo video with an exclusive message from Taylor to her fans. The Swift Life focused primarily on letting Swifties connect with Taylor and each other through message boards, quizzes, etc. The app worked via a chat function for fans to chat with each other, a Taylor feed similar to Instagram‘s, and a music player that exclusively played songs by her. Users of the free program also got “exclusive” material such as pictures, videos, as well as “Taymojis”, emojis developed specifically for the social network — such as a burning heart.

The Swift Life resulted in a slew of interesting/questionable conversations and memes that regularely went viral on Twitter and Tumblr.

Welcome to The Swift Life!

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